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A Little More About Me

Eunoia Life Coach By Dinu Basnayake

Transformational & Intuitive Mindfulness Coach

I'm Dinu Basnayake, an experienced Transformational and Intuitive Mindfulness Coach, certified RSI and PCC coach from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), founder of Eunoia Lifestyle Development Consultancy who believes in the philosophy and power of pure and well balanced mind which can make anyone experience the joy of feeling alive again. I am here to help you find your best self through various modalities which I proudly learnt during my journey.

My path and journey to access and liberate inner child came from my very own life wherein as a child I have to be a support for my mother who suffered from depression followed by my father who eventually moved to experience pastures beyond bodily and worldly illusions - a life beyond life.

Further in the journey, with 10+ years of experience and hustle in corporate world, multinational banks with legal and compliance sector, the key founding stone was a mere thought of what if after all the hard word work, a person looses touch with oneself, then how to enjoy the remainders. To add to the fact, care for each other and passion to relieve people from the stress and trauma, to heal the stress and anxiety lying deep within me and inspired me of my calling. I knew I had to share this feeling, and today I could not feel more happier and fulfilled with my journey.


Unconscious mind, being the source of all the conditioning and generational habits and patterns not only collude with our present behaviors' but also decide the trajectory of our future.

Since 2020, with the concept of intuitive and ecstatic dancing, a very unique program designed to surrendering to the depth of time and flow along with inner child reset modalities, I have dedicated myself to helping others feel more empowered to access the actual state, unfolding the blindfold and liberating them from the shackles of their own mind and eventually feeling fulfilled.


Each and every human being has a beautiful light within themselves, and I can’t wait to help you unlock it.

I am originally from Sri Lanka, an explorer and adventure seeker with various hobbies including understanding mindsets, travelling, exploring cultures. I am also an avid reader with inclination towards books with vivid perspective.

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